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My slave has been locked in the extremely uncomfortable metal chastity cage for the last week, and now its time for his weekly milking. I have him mummified in saran wrap, ball-gagged and blindfolded. Today I have a surprise for him: I will not milk him alone, I invited My friend Mistress Roberta to assist Me. She wanted to see how I ruin the orgasms of My slaves, so today she will experience it firsthand. My slave can hear that theres someone else with Me, but he doesnt know who it is. I take his chastity device off and start the milking procedure. While one of Us rubs his prick, the other one plays with his balls, and then we change positions. I make it so that he cant guess which hand is whose; he is such a lucky slave to be jerked off by two such beautiful Dominas. But his luck is over when I realize hes ready to cum and indicate Mistress Roberta to stop rubbing his prick. As expected, several seconds later he came, with what we discovered later to be a huge quantity of sperm. His orgasm was truly ruined, as his cum literally oozed out of his prick and was not shot. The cum was collected and placed on his ball-gag and lips, slowly filling his mouth with the salty and disgusting taste of his own mess. We repeat the procedure two more time, with exactly the same result, just in smaller quantities. After the third ruined orgasm, I decided his balls are empty enough and pushed his still hard prick back into the metal chastity cage. If he will be a good slave, I might milk him again next week.

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