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So I leave him there and go out, returning late in the night. I left a webcam on and can check up on him any time I want via a secure internet connection. This is how I see that, shortly after I left, he unsuccessfully tries to free himself, struggling for several minutes to get rid f the chains, but soon just gives up and waits quietly for Me to come back. He becomes very lonely and, every time he hears a noise, cries for Me with anxiety. When editing this clip I kept some of these moments so everybody can see how desperate he was.
When I come home, several hours later, I am very aroused from seeing him through the internet when he didnt know I could and knowing that he spent there his whole night while I was out having fun. I know he wants to be released from the cage, but I am in the mood to give him another kind of release: I am going to milk him. Its only his prick that will get out of the cage, not him entirely.
Even though he is quite close to Me, when I take off his chastity device I only find a small, flaccid prick in it, he seems to be too tired and frustrated to have an erection. But he can not resist My touch, so I revive his prick immediately, with no effort. He gets so aroused so quickly, that in several minutes I already edge him, looking at his prick pumping in the air and desiring just another touch that it needs to get to an orgasm. And it gets an orgasm pretty soon, but its not pleasant, as My slave hoped, it is totally ruined, the cum just dripping in great amounts from the tip of his prick, just like from a prostate milking. Of course, his prick remains rock hard, like it should after a ruined orgasm, so why not milk him again and drain his balls? His second orgasm is just as ruined as the first one and his whole night, since I am going to put his chastity back on and leave him in the cage for the rest of the night, to look at Me sleeping in the comfortable bed right in front of him.

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