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Arabelle Raphael needs a fucking attitude adjustment. Shes stranded out in the middle of no where but she can be heard for miles screaming into her cell phone and honking the horn on Daddys nice, new car. Whatever she did to make it break down, shes expecting someone else to clean up her mess. Shes probably expecting to be able to flirt with whatever poor bastard comes along until he does whatever she needs. Unfortunately for her, Mona Wales isnt just some sap. Arabelle probably should have taken better care of her vehicle. Mona loves cars, and she hates the sluts that have such nice rides and dont bother to keep it running. Shes going to express her frustration with Arabelle the old fashioned way, though intense corporal punishment. If Arabelle is lucky then Mona will give her her car back when shes done and send her on her way. If shes unlucky Mona will keep the ride as payment for getting it fixed up and the lesson she just gave. But knowing Arabelles luck, Mona is going to have so much fun that shell decide to keep the girl and the wheels, so that she has two new toys to play with.

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