Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

At the beginning of the second scene, Syren is sat on a sort of large chair. Her legs are pulled up and apart, and her ankles are bound by leather straps, not entirely unlike they'd be in a gynaecologist's chair, even though the device looks like nothing of the sort. Her back is largely unsupported, aside from a horizontal metal rod that seems to be there more to restrain her than to keep her comfortable. Her elbows go behind said bar and her wrists are strapped to the seat. Her breasts are bound by a thin black cord. She is blindfolded and her mouth is held open by a ring gag. Matt takes advantage of this position and fucks her pussy right off the bat. Syren lets out sharp cries at the long, deep strokes, but she is powerless to resist them. Then Matt picks up the tempo and gives her a right good fucking.

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