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My slave has been locked in chastity for 10 days now. During this period he has been teased constantly, and he has been begging Me for a release. And Im going to give it to him, until I dry him out.
I mummified him in black saran wrap, leaving just the locked prick and his head out. Removing the chastity device proved to be a little of a challenge, with his already hardened prick. He is so horny that I bring him close to orgasm by just touching him with one finger. Hes dripping a lot, so I make him eat that disgusting filth. When I feel he is close and dreams for an orgasm more than anything in the world, I stop right before that, and then just squeeze the cum out of his prick, without any trace of pleasure. His frustration was so real, you could almost touch it. I enjoyed so much seeing him so helpless, under My control, that I did that again, and again, and again... 7 times. The last loads squeezed were not too big, but I kept doing it until I made sure there was no drop of cum left in his balls. When I felt that his balls are completely dried out, I cleaned his prick with a tissue (that he had to chew on) and popped the chastity device back on.

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