Studio: Anton Productions

This thrilling story features some unusual knockouts, two gorgeous damsels looking their finest, fabulous bondage by Jack Banner and excellent direction. Nina and Mary Jane, looking in skimpy bikinis, are relaxing in their yard when a mysterious male intruder sneaks into their house. When Mary Jane goes inside, she is grabbed by the intruder and, in a very exciting scene, she is while trying to attract the attention of Nina, who lies pleasantly sunbathing and listening to music. Nina does not see what is happening and Mary Jane is dragged down a hall where the takes effect. With much eye-rolling, MJ falls to the floor . She is then dragged by the arms to another room where villain Jack ties her up securely (on screen). MJ is gagged with a ballgag and is bound at the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. When she awakens, she struggles furiously but is unable to warn Nina. Nina enters the house and finds her friend tied up. Before she realizes what is happening, Jack sneaks in and knocks her out with . Mary Jane is to watch helplessly as Nina struggles hard, then weakens and passes out (with lots of eye fluttering). She continues to watch as Nina is bound and gagged. When Nina awakens, the two girls struggle to free each other and whimper and moan into their gags. The cruel villain tells the girls about his plans to catch them and to blame their on a serial man who has been terrorizing the city. With lots of effort, the girls work themselves loose and try to sneak away. But, they are caught, and knocked again, this time with blows to the head. Nina is hit twice before she passes out. In a very hot scene, the girls, now naked, lie next to each other , and are bound by the villain. They wake up in a humiliating position. They are tied face-to-face, with ropes holding their luscious bodies together. The villain gags them with duct tape and leaves them to struggle and whimper, their bodies and tits rubbing together as they struggle. Later, he reties them in an even more cruel position--with their arms around each other. The story comes to a shocking conclusion when the real man shows up at the house. The excellent outtakes include plenty of shots of the girls being and tied up. . Nina could not be more beautiful and she looks super-sexy in skin tight clothes in this exciting story. Nina explains that she is a spy investigating an international crime organization. In extremely tight spandex pants and halter top, she enters the villains hideout. The bad guy sneaks up and clasps a cloth over her mouth and nose. Tough spy that she is, Nina fights the guy with all her strength. But, the takes effect, her eyes flutter and she passes out. The creep takes the opportunity to fondle Ninas irresistible body. When she awakens, he orders her to remove her boots and gag herself with her own socks. With much protesting, Nina complies. The villain seals her lips with tape and ties her hands. Nina is horrified and fights as the guy fondles her body and tits. He pulls up her top and gropes her naked tits. When Nina tries to run, he knocks her out with a blow to the head. She ends up securely bound and gagged in a closet in just her sexy pants. After some struggling, Nina manages to free herself and escape. Later, Nina returns to the hideout, this time in leather pants, boots and a sexy top. The bad guy is waiting and uses a blowgun to shoot a knock out dart into Ninas butt. She tries hard to fight the but eventually, she passes out on the floor. When she awakens, she is bound to a wooden frame and gagged with cloth pulled between her teeth. The guy pulls her top down, revealing her luscious breasts. Nina is tortured with lasers that shoot at her, causing terrible pain (it is a cheesy effect but fun). Nina can not endure any more suffering so, in the final shot, she is kneeling on the floor completely naked. She is to record a video message in which she explains that she is now a hostage of the crime organization. Then, her captor cruelly ballgags her.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:37
Video: 720x544, XviD, 2138kbps
Audio: 121kbps

File size: 1.6 GB