Sasha Foxx is an amazing teaser. But sometimes she gets cruel near the end of a cows shift. In this clip, Sasha abuses one of the more favorite cows among the teaser. All the girls love Andy! He is such a good cooperative cow. Sasha loves that she is alone with Andy and is at her mercy. Sasha teases Andy over and over. Then she starts using the harsh manual shocks on Andy. The manual shock button is meant for testing and obstinate cows. Cow Andy does not need the manual shocks. In fact when Sasha starts with the manual shocks its production plummets. Sasha laughs as the first of several powerful manual shocks are delivered across Andys ball bag. I am in control of you. I will do whatever I want to you. Andy begins to fail. The manual shock has knocked him down. Now it starts getting penalty shocks. Andy is digging himself a hole. The penalty shocks and manual shocks that Sasha is inflicting him make it harder to produce. Sasha is pissed. She will shock Andys balls as much as she wants! Andy calls her a bitch! I am a bitch really Andy? She shocks him again. The lab assistant comes in and interrupts Sasha. Sasha acts like nothing is wrong. We all love Andy! He is the best! Andy tries to tell the lab assistant about the abuse but Sasha hushes him. Once the lab assistant leaves Sasha punishes him with several full make manual shocks across his scrotum. IF you ever ty and ask for help again you are really going to get it! The shift continues. Andy is too exhausted to produce. The manual shocks continue from Sasha. You are going to learn your place. Sasha shocks Andy again with the full make manual shocks. The penalty shocks from the male exhaustion continue in-between Sashas manual full make shocks. The lab assistant then enters with bad news for Andy. Andys production is way down. Its production is down because Sashas constant manual shocks. Andy will be turned into a toilet now. Well we did everything we could didnt we Andy? Sasha cant wait to use Andy as a toilet tomorrow morning. Next the very painful end of shift begins. The assistant presses the button which begins the very cruel and painful end of shift routine. The cow is prepared for chastity by increasing electric shocks or burns. Sasha looks on coldly while Andy has its erection painfully removed. Sasha loves end of shift. The girls chit chat while Andy has his erection removed. Andy begs for it to stop. The girls ignore his pleas. Andy must be returned to chastity. His erection must be removed. This clip shows how an evil teaser can sabotage a cows shift and send it into toilet slavery.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:11
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 5859kbps
Audio: 312kbps

File size: 298.8 MB