Alexa and Kendall continue to reenact with Mr. Puckerman what they did with the nerds earlier. Puckerman plays his part, as he smells the dirty socks of his students. Kendall takes off her socks. She rubs her sweaty socks all over her teachers face. Alexa joins in with her dirty socks and they rub both pairs on Mr. Puckermans face together. They stuff as many knee socks as they can fit into Puckermans mouth. Puckerman looks ridiculous. His students threaten to throw him out into the hallway with their socks in his mouth so everyone in the school can see. What Alexa and Kendall did to their classmates is nothing compared to what they are about to do to Puckerman. Puckerman has a bank account, and his students plan to rinse it. Kendall doesnt care how many extra hours Puckerman has to pick up coaching soccer, or working in the bus lot, she knows that she deserves every ounce of cash that she can drain from the old loser. Puckerman is going to have to do whatever his students say, or they will blackmail him. They will tell everyone how much he loves his students feet. Alexa allows Puckerman to worship her feet as the threat sinks in. Kendall and Alexa decide that they are going to use Puckerman for Wednesdays. They explain that Wednesday is the day that the nerds get swirlies from Kendalls boyfriend, and they need a teacher to be the lookout so they dont all get in trouble. Mr. Puckerman continues worshiping his students feet as he agrees to be the lookout. The Princesses want one more thing from their teacher. They hate having to walk all the way to the student parking lot. They want a parking pass to park in the faculty lot, which is closer. This is one thing Puckerman thinks he cant do. Hell have to go to the president of the school to get the pass. Again, Puckermans students threaten him with exposure. Puckerman promises to get his Princesses the parking pass they want. The girls giggle together. Puckerman is theirs.

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