Alternate video formats available by searching title We're going to have a real ball today, LOL. Goddess Nina are dressed for the ball and like to show off our super elegant gowns. After this slave complements us on how classy we look, Nina kicks him right in the balls to start this gala off right! Goddess Nina is really turning me on as we dance... soooo Hot! Check out our twirling spin moves as we dance over to the slave for a swift kick to the nuts. I wonder how long we would have to practice our dance moves to destroy a slaves balls. Slave should be silent as they wait against the all for our elegant dancing kicks. I think we should make sure we perfect our dancing so at Christmas we can dance to the "NutCracker" music at the winter ball. Maybe we can get a fan to pay thousands of dollars to throw a full ball with all the Mean Girls in gowns at Mean Girl Manor and we could line up all the slaves for kicking between dancing and twirls! That's a custom film worth doing! Goddess Raven Bay

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