Studio: California Star Production

Amaya is sleepy and about to get into some real trouble from her husband, Marty! Amaya falls asleep watching soaps and forgets to collect John and Alice from school. The Headmistress phones Marty telling him to come and get them. Marty phones Amaya, but there is no answer, so he phones his -in-law and she agrees to collect them. Marty arrives home very angry and Amaya is asleep on the couch. He gets her to wake up after shaking her and tells her what has been going on. He tells her that her wants to have John and Alice for the weekend, and he thought that was a good idea. Marty lets his wife know that she has neglected her responsibility. The weekend will be taken up with chastisement and discipline with ropes and gags. Sit back and enjoy the weekend with Marty and Amaya!

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Duration: 1:02:35
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