Mistress Paris has the two new slaves locked up in stockades by the punishment post. It is Milking Day and she decides to do the job all by herself. She grins as finally says, seductively “I wonder which of these slaves is going to cum first for me?” She gets to work stroking them playfully, then . Sometimes she slows down, almost as if she knows they are close, to deny them the pleasure for a while. After all, Milking Day is not about the slave’s pleasure, it is about the Mistress draining their slave filth so they can stay healthy and so they can serve without their horny thoughts getting in the way. That means, Mistress Paris can milk them any sadistic way she desires. She them with her hand and verbally them to see who will cum first as that slave will be the LOSER of the game. One of the slaves does cum first and she torments his balls. She threatens the other slave that she isn’t done with him and that he has torment in store for him later, anyway.

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