Release Year: 2015
Genres: BDSM, Big Dick, Black Cock, Blow job, Cock Sucking, Face Fucking, Interracial, Long Hair, Pale Skin, Small Tits, Super Deep Throat, Three Way, Vibrator
Video language: English

After a quick handcuffed blow job session just to keep her face pussy nice and limber, we shift her into a doggystyle position, bound in a custom made metal bondage frame on wheels. We can now shift our movable fuck toy anywhere we so desire. Pussy on wheels for our connivence! Violetís ass looks too good to resist and we take a serving on the spot.

The two rock hard cocks step up and take her from both ends as Violet drools and moans all over the dick. Her makeup is destroyed and running down her chin, her eyes are glassy and she is sporting serious sex hair. She wears utterly destroyed well, doesnít she?

Some vibrator orgasms are the final hard nails in Violetís sexual coffin. Dazed, drooling and destroyed, Violet lolls deep in sexual subspace. She can hardly lift her head up. If only they were all this dedicated to the dickÖ

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Duration: 15:00
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Audio: 109kbps

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