Year: 2012-2014
Censorship: Yes to all files
Postproduction: Original
Studio: stargate / Dlsite
1. Nokia - A slightly sadistic and tsundere Nokia squeezes her to the limit!
2. Doll Box 2 - Click Alice the android to interact.
3. Doll Box - A lovely girl shackled in a satin box.
Click her to interact.
4. BBG3 custom - 3D simulation game delusion "BBG3 custom" this software is content maniac to balance ball to customize the girl.
The contents for people to be intrigued by the Chirarizumu like erotic wear and IV than the radical content, such as AV.
Three hair style, two colors of skin, two bust size, the custom character mode it is possible to combine the 36 street from three costume.
It is possible to balance the ball on the character in combination with their own preferences in the play mode.
Basic content is a very stoic, but was equipped with a button to put perspective button Bukkake.
5. Check out this lollipop teen barbie!
Based on the character from 3D digital novel "Imouto no Ero-sugiru Yuuwaku" (Little Too Lewd Temptation)
6. Balance Ball Girl - Nothing but cutie android bouncing on a balance ball! Press the button to glisten her with fluids! (for some reason!)
She won't get off that ball no matter what.
3D movie with various options like zoom, outfits, fluids.
Genre: Chirarism (Peeping) Fetish Breasts Robot Twin Tail Big Breasts Chirarizumu boobs juice / liquid mass glasses shortcut twin tailLots of White Cream / Juices Touching Collar / Chain / Hamper Girl Slave Twin Tail Humanoid Robot Bukkake Twin Tail Big Breasts

Total size: 1.0 GB in 6 files.