Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less click here shoe licking reward (1080 hd) who says we mean girls donít have a heart? This slave just finished a long day of being beaten senseless by me n princess beverly in our videos (look at the marks all over its ugly body! Haha!) So we decide to take turns sitting up on the mean girl throne and allowing it the honor of licking the dirt and grime off our shoes. Isnít he lucky?? Of course, we do mock him the entire time and remind him of what an inferior loser cretin he is compared to us, butÖitís not like weíre telling him anything he doesnít know lol. And he is even grateful for our insults and mockery lol. What a good slave! We may bring this one back!(wanna be a slave in our videos like this loser? Then go to the top of our store and send a pathetic begging, pleading email to us like this one did! And more importantly- send your deposit right away so we know you are serious about coming here and not just wasting our time with a fantasy! You will get your deposit back when you show up- just like this brave slave did.)-princess bella

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Audio: 187kbps

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