Hi, Iím Lana Ivans, Iím a 25 year old libra with an appetite for naughty things.
I was born and am currently living in Romania ;) In case you havenít heard, Romaniaís full of hotties and nice landscapes, you should visit.
Iím petite and sweet at first sight, and since weíre talking about first sight I should probably add my 32 Eís to the picture wink wink
Donít really enjoy talking about myself but I guess I have to this time. I think Iím your average girl next door, just that I donít mind leaving my doors wide open and choose not to be sorry about it.
Not yet sure what I want to do in life, but I get my kicks off of doing this sort of thing while being surrounded by a very annoying conservative society. Being judged amuses me often, although Iím an hoping for a more insightful baseline on human nature.
I want to be rude, but not really. I like to keep things real and transparent, be myself and show it with flaws and attributes, lusts and desires, promiscuity and virtues.
I hope you got the picture so far, in case thereís anything you would like to know you can always get in touch ;)
Kisses and hugs, Lana

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