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Dee just has one question for Sybil. Are you ready to please me today, she asks. Yes, I am, she pants, as she struggles against her hog tie. Part of the rope runs through her cunt and Dee has no problem giving it more than a few sharp tugs to get the juices flowing. She even cuts Sybils clothes off to make sure the ropes lie right across her clit. Her first command for her helpless play-thing is simple. Struggle for me. And struggle she does. Sybils efforts redouble when Dee finds a sharp, heavy cane. Every stroke across her ass and feet instantly leaves a mark that will not be fading soon. Bound breasts are extremely sensitive. Dee knows this for a fact when she ties off Sybils and begins to cane them. After every stroke she has to ask for another one. Even as bruises and welts start to rise on the smooth surfaces of her beautiful tits she begs for more. Dee describes Sybils situation best herself. So beautiful, so vulnerable, so willing. Sybils moans are the kind of music Dee likes to hear, so she sings for her, spurred on by the fingering and spanking her pussy suffers. And when shes stood up the torment to her tits is nothing compared to what comes after. Dee puts over a dozen clothes pins all over the sensitive skin on her inner thigh. Sybil cries so much to have them removed that Dee obliges by whipping them free. Since her pussy is already exposed there is no reason not to fuck her with Mr. Pogo. As soon as the dick on a stick is inside of her she begins moaning more and her juices start flowing freely. Its an open invitation for Dee to vibrate her clit to a screaming orgasm. Seated on the uncomfortable post, Sybil has even more from Dee to endure. The clips on her inner thighs werent nearly as sharp as the ones that Dee puts on her now. They hang on tighter and are harder to whip free than the ones before. So hard, in fact, that some of them dont even come free so Sybil begs Dee to just take them off by hand. That doesnt stop Dees whip, though. She keeps going at it on Sybils twat until shes satisfied that the pain has gotten her wet enough. When its finally up to Dees standards she gets a finger fucking that sends her over the edge. The twin sensations of Dees digits and the vibe on her clit has her begging to cum. She doesnt anticipate that when she finishes Dee doesnt. She gets multiple orgasms from Sybil until tears are streaming down her face while she begs for it to stop.

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Duration: 52:00
Video: 852x488, RV40
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