Release Year: 2016
Studio: VoyeurChamp
Cast: Mrs Bryant
Genres: Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera, Hairy
Video language: English

Exhibitionist Wife #355 (Part 1) - Mrs Bryant Gives Upskirt Views To Voyeur Creep Crowd! They Worship Her blonde bush!!!
Its always funny how shocked men are when they discover that the woman they have been perving over is married! Amanda decided to make a voyeur video for her hubby. She wanted to go to the beach on a sunny day but it was cloudy. She got us to follow her out early in the morning onto a cloudy beach with nobody around. She wore a cute dress with no panties on and then she sat down and proceeded to chat with her hubby on the phone. Soon a few voyeurs came over and as each one passed by they noticed she was sitting with her legs open and no panties. They hover around her pretending not to look but they are all staring in between her legs and she doesn't care. She wants to tell her hubby out loud on the phone what they are doing but she does not want the pervs to hear her. So she starts texting her hubby all about the group of guys that are trying too sneak cell phone pics of her blonde bush. After a while they start chatting with her and one guy tries really hard to get her phone number, lol! She just sits there teasing them and letting her hubby know all about it! Its like they were worshiping that beautiful blonde bush! If you want your wife to hang out with Champ, then you want everyone to see her be an Exhibitionist!
Exhibitionist Wife #355 (Part 2) - Mrs Bryant Upskirt Flashing In Public! Showing Off Her blonde bush & Creeper Tease!
Amanda continues to upskirt flash in public! This time its near a bus stop and she sits back texting her husband. She told him she was going to lunch, but she did not tell him she was making another upskirt video to surprise him. Who wouldn't want to see their hot natural blonde wife show off her hairy pussy. Hairy in a good way as she shows off that soft golden bush and even Champ can't resist pulling her skirt up for a better view! So many men walk past and get a quick glimpse of her beautiful muff! Best part is one guy walking by a couple of times pretending to be on a cell phone, lol! She had fun teasing that creeper! Hubby is in for a surprise as he watches his wife flash her pussy in public in this video clip! Oh, and when she's not trying to flash, the wind blows her dress up anyway exposing that sexy married blonde pussy!

Total size: 225.9 MB in 2 files.