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In part two of our relentless and fast paced live BaRS show, the destruction of Syren De Mer continues. We have already blasted her into next week with brutal throat training on hard cock. It is time to move on to some other holes and see just what this MILF can take. That ass is ours. Bent over and bound onto a custom made wooden bondage that perfectly displays her toned ass, Syren is wide open and ready for business. We walk up with 10 inches of BBC and deposit it directly into that greedy ass, following that up with another hard cock to the face. Syren is turned into a sex sandwich as the dicks attempt to shake hands in the middle. What follows is a relentless pounding out of all of her holes. The bondage keeps Syren in place, completely exposed and ripe for the plucking. Hard cock owns every inch of her holes as our fit MILF cums gratefully all over the dick as drool pours out of her reshaped face pussy. This is only the second position and our dazed starlet already looks like she was hit by the cock truck. Can she last the full time or will she be too overloaded to deal with the dick? Stay tuned and find out!

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