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Roxanne Rae returns to Lance. He is still on the ground holding his balls from her kicks earlier. She struts into the room, high heels clacking on the floor, swinging a big strap-on cock with a big smile... If she is going to be living with Lance for 12 months, she is going to make him her slut bitch. He is going to have to learn to love to take cock. He is reluctant at first, but completely submitted to her after all the ballbusting. Once she has him bent over, it doesnt take him long to start to love her big long strap-on deep inside him. When he grabs her ass to pull her in for more Roxanne knows she turned him into a full on slut. She lays him down flat and works her hips, fucking him just right. When he is about to cum from her gyrating her cock on his prostate, she stops, pulls out, and makes him get on his knees in front of her. Shell be back with a friend to finish him off...

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