Carissa returns for another waiting session, this time starting out fully clothed but soon removing everything to pee dance in the nude. Carissa arrived that morning dying to pee, having sotted most of a large cup of soda en route to the shoot. She wanted to catch up on the gossip before we started filming, so she stood there wiggling around for twenty minutes while we chatted. Noticing her fidgeting and concerned that she might not be able to hold it once the camera started rolling, she was urged to get started. Carissa, fully absorbed in her conversation, said it was alright because she could hold it. At the very beginning of this video, therefore, Carissa is really dying to pee, but she does indeed manage to hold it. As she continues sipping at her large soda, however, she finds herself wiggling urgently to continue controlling a bladder bulging with pee. Her strained expressions and jerky movements after she undresses speak volumes about the terrible state she is in. She squirms and grinds and manages to hold it for a while, but she is extremely close to losing control and peeing all over the floor.

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