Studio: Realtimebondage

Theres nothing like seeing the finale of a RealTimeBondage live show. Its where we pull out all of the stops. It doesnt matter if the girl quits at this point because were pretty much done with her anyway. We get to see how much she can handle and they get to see exactly how sick we are. Its like were exploring each other. Theres so much to learn.
Rain DeGrey weve known for a while. We love having her around. But there is always something new to see with her. For instance, we cant recall the last time we shackled her down into the spiked chair, ran some electricity through her tits and cunt, and just watched her have a meltdown. She screams through her gag, sweats, cries, and struggles. What she doesnt do is get free. We have a few more places we want to run some current.
Theres one more thing we want to do with Rain before we let her go. Were going to bend her over, stick her head into the stocks, and turn her ass black and blue with our canes. Tears, snot, and drool are running down her face as she tries to control her emotions through the pain.

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