Release Year: 2015
Studio: VoyeurChamp
Cast: Heather & Hubby
Genres: Voyeur, Exhibitionist, Hidden Camera
Video language: English

Exhibitionist Wife #163 (Part1) - Heather & Hubby Having Lunch While you try to look up her skirt! have you ever been at a restaurant and seen a sexy woman sitting with her husband nearby? You notice under their table that she is wearing sexy shoes and a very tight short skirt, and she has on a really tight top accentuating her full round tits. You want to look up her skirt but you dont want to get caught. Your dying to just look right under the table and catch a glimpse of her panties! Is she wearing Underwear? You wonder to yourself if her husband will get pissed off if he catches you looking or if she gets mad and crosses her legs and tells him? So what do you do? You take your time and when you get that chance take a quick look! But one look is not enough. You notice and your not sure as you gaze up from her sexy little feet and exposed toes covered in fuck me heels leading up smooth legs to her, oh no! Dont get caught! Wait, she noticed you looking and now she seems into it, her hubby is ignoring you and texting on his phone, and oh look! She opened her legs just a little more! Oh wait, is she trying to let you look? Heather and her husband are just trying to have lunch and your the pervert trying to look up her skirt! Dont be weird, go have a chat with them so you can sneak a better look!
Exhibitionist Wife #163 (Part2) - Remember last clip the Sexy married woman named Heather who was letting you look up her skirt while her husband and her were having lunch at an outdoor restaurant? You are that pervert looking under the table but she doesnt mind and neither does her husband. In fact we all strike up a conversation and while chatting and having drinks you sneak a look under the table and up her skirt. She catches you a couple of times looking at her tits too. Her hubby is staring at her tits too! She might give you a little cleavage or a flash if shes not afraid the people sitting across from us will catch her. Or, wait, what is this? Is she sliding her panties off? Omg she is! Wait! her hubby is getting a couple quick feels of her clit! She got wet? Oh no! You should not be looking under the table, a woman has a right to privacy when shes wearing no panties!

Total size: 245.8 MB in 3 files.