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Thread: Masturbation Emily Bloom in Sensual Muse Download Images 

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    10 May 2016

    Masturbation Emily Bloom in Sensual Muse

    Release Year: 2016
    Studio: PlayboyPlus
    Cast: Emily Bloom
    Genres: Solo, Posing

    Emily Bloom is your Cybergirl of the Month for June 2016, and she’s an ethereal beauty in this set from photographer Holly Randall. An immediate hit on Playboy Plus, Emily was a shoo-in for CGOM. Hundreds of likes and downloads can’t be wrong, not when she feels so right. “I’m very excited to be your Cybergirl of the Month,” says Emily, grinning broadly. “Shooting with Holly makes me love Playboy Plus even more. This shoot is my personal favorite—I’ve always wanted to do a photoset like this, with romantic lingerie—it was a dream.” If you thought Emily was a fantasy babe before, wait until you see these photos—‘dream’ isn’t a strong enough word to describe Emily’s exquisite, nymphlike beauty. “My training as an actress lets me be comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera,” she explains. “It’s easy for me to express my sexuality. I know my angles, of course, but that’s secondary to the feeling.” Dream a little dream with the gorgeous Emily Bloom, right here on Playboy Plus.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 9:12
    Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5939kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 430.5 MB

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