Studio: Realtimebondage

Delirious Hunter probably wasnt expecting to be hung up by her ankles when this day started. Thats kind of the best part of the RealTimeBondage live feeds. They always begin with a short Q&A to loosen the girl up and then transition into incredible, tough bondage. The inverted suspension gets it going, but she is going to have to endure even crazier positions by the end, along with harsh canings to really get her whimpering.
Part of BDSM though, a big part, is discipline. That doesnt just mean corporal punishment. It means teaching our lovely, young slave to obey orders without fail and without question. It means putting her through a few exercises so that she knows exactly how she is supposed to behave for our handlers and our members.
And no live feed is complete without the classic electrical interrogation. Its such a favorite for our members that no girl has ever escaped without one. Theres something about a few thousand volts of electricity pumping through her tits and pussy that makes us feel like were really getting to know Delirious.

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