Studio: Heelslut

My Heelqueen just got a brand new pair of crotch high tight stretch black leather C. Louboutin Monicarina platform boots with 6 plus inch heels OMFG! Shes always in control of me, but whenever she wears a pair of boots like these she gets even more powerful and loves to keep me on a short leash Some time pinned to the floor with her heels painfully digging into my scalp is always in order too just so I dont forget exactly where it is I belong. Once her gorgeous Wolford sed legs have warmed up all that soft leather from the inside the scent is quite simply mesmerizing. Licking them is enough to make her boot buff stick drip and quiver so desperate to give her new royal red bottom pedestals a thorough shine. She allows me to suck the heel and lap the sole before giving me permission to fuck those incredible stiletto heels until I spurt all over them. Then I get to shine them by licking up all my shoe goo like her good little heel-shine-boi.

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