Studio: Sexuallybroken

Jessica Ryan has creamy skin, long red hair and an inviting grin that makes you want to stuff her face full of dick. Which is exactly what we are going to do today. And we are bringing not one but two cocks to the table for the task. We dont need her pussy, lets wrap that right up, what we want is full access to her face and that inviting mouth.
We start out with Jessicas entire body encased in vet wrap and mummified down onto a slanted board. The board keeps her head at the perfect angle and opens up her throat hole wide. A vibrator is buried between her legs under the vet wrap to test her multitasking skills. Can she deepthroat while cumming her brains out? Lets find out! A blindfold across those big blue eyes is the final touch.
The hard cock walks right up and owns her face. Jessica can not see or anticipate a thing, all she can do is open up her mouth and accept her fate. The vibrator is then flipped on to make it a bit more intense. Jessica moans as the sensation washes through her bound body, and then it is on. Two dicks step up and share her head back and forth like a sexy game of tetherball. Back and forth her open and drooling mouth is passed, and we rip off the blindfold so that we can see her eyes glass over.
The bondage, multiple orgasms and brutal throat training do the trick. Jessica is blasted deeply into sexual subspace, her hair matted, her makeup destroyed. When we have had our fill we walk away, leaving her spent and twitching in her mummification, covered in her own drool. Always a pleasure my dearů

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