After thoroughly cleaning my pool and hot tub, the pool boy decides to help himself to a quick dip after making sure the coast is clear and stripping completely naked. He has no idea I`m home, and when I catch him he scurries out of the hot tub embarrassed and ashamed. His apologies fall on deaf ears as I grab him by his cock and throw him to the ground. I have no problem showing him how pissed I am as I kick him in his ass with my white high heels while he cowers in shame. "It won`t happen again!" he cries as I kick him in the balls before making him kiss my feet. His punishment`s just beginning as I slap him across the face repeatedly and them have him worship my feet with his mouth. I torment him by squeezing his nipples, kicking him the balls again until he`s laying on the ground crying in agony, and slapping him across the face over and over again. When I`m done with him he can no longer stand!

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