As I sat down to have naughty things done to me, the string was secured around my pantyhose covered legs, first around my upper thighs and right above my knees. A simple string around my belly and then around my wrists, pulled tight and tied to the back side of the chair. Making sure my ass wasn't coming out of that chair. My ankles then had their fun next getting wrapped, around and around, and around the bottom rail of the chair. I very well might have been complaining a little too much about the white string tightening on itself. So much so, that a couple pairs of dirty panties found their way into my mouth and secured with my least favorite ace bandage gag. Being ever so mean my elbows were made back together causing my shoulders to strain against the chair. To make it all worse the leather neck collar went on digging into my collar bones with every breathe I took. Apparently, you can't talk very well with a gag in your mouth but I still attempted, and it was cause for another gag around my mouth to really muffle the sound.

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