love love to make of active and silver-haired elf, begin
You had to distress in the mountains.
Where they lost their lives over,
On the bed and then notice the ,
There hidden hut of elves.
The girl made a sleeper's breathing beside.
Have saved your girlfriend,
Silver hair, I have a crystal clear skin
It was a beautiful elf.
While it is what keep help ", is known to other human beings this retreat
Do not go Do not Nde trouble, to not kiss you.
You get to live with me here. "
She was asked to return for saved the life
Cohabitation life with you.
"If you want to lay - who saved a life,me in my new life."
In this way, live alone, stray elf of the "Yumina"
To make life of You And Me seemed to start.

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