Release Year: 2008
Studio: POVhumiliation
Cast: Amy Reid
Genres: humiliation, pov, femdom
Video language: English

You're more like the shy, inferior losers who get teased by Amy out of everything they have, then wobble home to jerkoff all alone!! lol! she tells you how she loves working as a stripper, making geeks and losers hand over all their money. "it lets me take advantage of these guys just like you that i hate!! you're so pathetic... giving me hundreds of dollars... just so you can have a lame conversation and tell me how lonely you are... that's because you're a loser!" she insults you constantly as you drool over her and listen to the little tricks she uses to snare wimps like you at the clubs. "it's so easy..." she tells you all about her cockteasing ways, and how susceptible you are to her powers. she gives you a taste of her poison and melts your brain by bending her perfect ass over so that it's just inches away from your ugly face! but a few inches makes a big difference, right jerkyboy? she knows you're just a weak old pervert, a loser who jacksoff to women daily because you can never score with them!! that's ok, dork. keep right on drooling and jerking like all the slimy losers. next time amy's appearing as a featured dancer, maybe you can work up the courage to line up with all the other masturbators, so you can get cockteased, insulted, and emptied of all your cash!! like you deserve
have fun cumming for this bitch who despises you, worm, and you can keep repeating while you watch it - "strippers rule, dorks drool... strippers rule, dorks drool..."

Total size: 192.7 MB in 2 files.