Studio: Soft on demand

Fans of Japanese sex games are going to love this light-hearted movie. Taking the concept of the game you may have played as a kid, "Red-Light/Green-Light", over 50 women of all body types, and personalities gather to participate. In this all nude game it's a race to the finish line through an obstacle course; the premise is simple: the cute teddy bear on the other end says a phrase which is a cue for these ladies to strip naked and dash to him. The instant the bear turns around and stops saying the phrase, everyone must freeze in their position. The winner of the round gets to move on to the next stage. What makes this game even more fun to watch is the countless opportunities for upskirt and cleavage shots that are caught on tape. Also, the tickling events the ladies must endure as a group of men try to make them move in order to get them disqualified. 30 men tease these women with their hands, brushes, and vibrators in an effort to push their endurance to see who will be the ultimate winner of this game.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:07:51
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