Studio: Jayedwards

We open on the lovely Bambi, walking down a rainy sidewalk. Suddenly she is grabbed from behind and a hand is clamped over her mouth. She struggles but is soon tossed into the trunk of a car where she is quickly cuffed and gagged. Next, we see her securely bound and gagged, wearing only her black garterbelt, stockings and heels. Bambi is confused and frightened by the tight chest, elbow, and crotch ropes, and tries to escape. Roaming through a strange house, she is soon grabbed by her captor and slung over his shoulder. He hogties her and leaves her to fret over her predicament. Bambi is now bound to a stool, her tits strangled by tight ropes. Jay fondles her pretty tits and changes her gag. Her mouth is filled with two large hankies, sealed in with heavy, clear tape. Bambi is now on her knees, a rope from her chest harness to the ceiling keeps her from sitting and shes obviously exhausted. She wears a red ballgag and we get a nice close-up of her crotchrope. Enter Jay, who changes her gag to a large pad of foam in a stocking. He roughly pulls and squeezes her boobs, then tosses her onto a mattress and leaves her to sleep in the creepy darkness. The next morning, Bambi is tethered, standing in a closet. Jay clamps her nipples and later closes the door on her, despite her fear of spiders. Perched on the edge of a chair, Bambi looks totally helpless. She uses those big, sad brown eyes to their fullest but this has no effect on her heartless captor. He runs a rope from her crotchrope to the ceiling and lifts her ass completely off the chair. On her knees again, Bambi gets nipple clamps pulled upward towards the ceiling. Bound to a post, her ass is propped forward and theres a spreader bar between her ankles. She drools from underneath her ballgag as Jay runs a chain from her nipple clamps to the ceiling. Standing on a platform, her ankles chained apart, Bambi wears a leather single-sleeve and a strict harness gag. A chain pulls her head up straight and padlocks weight her nipple clamps. Wont her ever come through with the ransom? The next two scenes feature sweet Eve, first perched on a tiny bench between her thighs, then bent over in a strict strappado with her ballgag padlocked to a post. She pants and whimpers as Jay alternates between tender caresses on her face and tits to firm spanks on her round ass.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:25:20
Video: 320x240, DivX 5, 278kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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