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Thread: Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller - The Lone Banger! - 2000px - 135X (03-06-2016) Download Images 

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    1,464,160 Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller - The Lone Banger! - 2000px - 135X (03-06-2016)

    FuckInHD - Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller - The Lone Banger! - 2000px - 135X

    Models: Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller
    Set: The Lone Banger!
    Pictures: 135 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 2000px
    Release Date: Friday June 3, 2016

    You didn’t ask their names, so based on their hair colors, in your mind they’ll always be Reddie and Blackie. You watched them for awhile before you came into the sauna, then made your move. They sure were busy with each other, tugging aside their skimpy bikinis and rubbing themselves. Reddie spitting on Blackie’s box, then fingering it; then Blackie sitting on Reddie’s face. Yep, they were really going at it, with Reddie sliding a vibrator into Blackie who was kneeling on the bench; then continuing to stuff her with the vibe when they got into a sixty-nine clinch! They were doing perfectly well without dick, but you thought it was only chivalrous that you offered some! You took over handling that vibrator in Blackie’s beav while you smooched with Reddie, then Reddie scarfed your dick while she kept banging Blackie with the toy. Talk about multi-tasking! You boffed Reddie while she screwed her friend with the vibe; Reddie felt damn good riding your cock, but she kept returning to suck it! Taking it down right to the nuts almost, even while Blackie licked her. Blackie kept fucking herself with the toy and Reddie gave an assist with her tongue while you boffed Reddie to a big creamy finish all over her pussy. What were those strangers’ names? You wanted to thank them! But you didn’t tell them yours either, so maybe they ended up calling you The Lone Banger, hmm?

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    Thanks and comments are very much appreciated.


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