Studio: Harmony Concepts

Kelsie Chambers and Stacy Burke make a totally terrific couple in this ties-for-two video! Mistress Delores catches the two beautiful bondagettes arguing over whose waist is smaller (a wonderful catty moment) and disciplines her petty playmates by tying them both to a post and gagging them with mouth-packing and elastic bandage. Once the two are tied they look so lovely that Mistress Delores decides to remain in attendance, paying her bound beauties some special attention and then lounging back to enjoy the view. She enjoys the view so much she decides to make a day of it, and Kelsie and Stacy end up bound again, separately but in the same room. Kelsies single-glove fits her quite snugly so while Stacys rope tie allows her quite a bit of movement neither can manage to free the other. After a change of clothing the catty couple finds that little else has changed, including the mistress mood, and Stacy and Kelsie bravely endure two more bondages each before they finally learn to put their petty differences aside and work together to tie Mistress Delores!

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:09
Video: 640x478, MP4V, 1788kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 450.8 MB