Studio: Zfx Video Productions

Up and coming shipping clerk Cynthia Thorn wants two things most in life: to get a promotion from her sex freak boss and to get rid of Jasper; the clumsy new janitor who seems to barge in at all the wrong times. Cynthia doesnt like Jasper much. She thinks he is really creepy and being locked inside a lonely warehouse with him makes her skin crawl. If she knew the truth shed really be scared, because Jasper is not really a janitor. In fact, hes not even human. Cynthias worst fears are nothing compared to whats about to happen to her. She has been chosen as the bound and gagged receptical for an Alien Probe by sadistic extraterrestials bent on world conquest. The first wave of this invasion will land with one shot.
Watch beautiful warehouse clerk Cythia Crawley become the bound and gagged captive of Jasper, a demented extraterrestrial masquerading as a mild mannered janitor, (except for the large green genetic fluid spewing protruding from his abdomen), bent on a biological invasion of earth using pretty Cynthias body as an incubator. But these aliens arent as smart as they think, because their initial attempts at inseminating Cynthia are unsuccessful (they dont know about the pill)!

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