Studio: Dominic Wolfe Enterprises

What could be more fun than betting an attractive young lady that you can tie her up, gag her, and that no matter what she cannot get out of the tight bondage and gags you put her into? In this video you will see Gina, Suzanne, and Marie talk at length about the challenge that is offered to is fun and interesting to hear these young ladies talk about being bound and gagged and their eagerness to get tied up.......but they soon find out that they are not playing a game when they try and try again to escape from their tight bonds only to remain tightly bound and gagged. Gina and Suzannes scenes are mini-storyline videos and Maries scene at the end has her watching a girl tied up on TV and her betting that She could get out of that or any bondage for that matter. Lots of interaction and a few interesting twists and turns make this video a!

Format: real
Duration: 1:48:21
Video: 360x240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 275.1 MB