Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

"Of course it was the most frightening experience of my life! I decided to begin moving into the old house before my boyfriend got there -- what a mistake! They later told me that some crazy old ex-cop was hiding in the attic because he was searching for loot that gangsters had supposedly hidden when it was their hideout back in the 1930s! When I showed up, he was terrified that I might somehow find the money before he did! All I'm sure of is that I was kicking back in my sweats after several hours of getting rid of some of the junk that had piled up in the house when he grabbed me!
For a split second, I thought it was my boyfriend playing a bad joke! But I immediately recognized that it was a stranger and sick fear jolted my brain as the grunting brute wrappped my hands, feet, chest and mouth with duct tape! As I lay helpless on a wicker couch, he ranted at me and I clung to the hope that the blurred reality around me was actually a bad dream! Of course, it was all too real, but the rest of the day was truly a nightmare for me!

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