Release Year: 2009
Studio: POVhumiliation
Cast: Marie McCray; You.
Genres: Slave Orders/Commands, Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation, POV Humiliation, Rejection, Insults
Video language: English

Marie McCray is a bitchy young ballbuster (cock-pleaser if you're 9 and over...), and she's back to take you where no Man has gone before, but where all you silly little bitches spend your days and nights... "licking my asshole and feet!!". last time vixen marie had you polishing your screen with your tongue, wishing you could break through and get just one inch closer to her "pretty little asshole". this time she's gonna have you tasting glass once again, wanker, as she shows you what she wants from guys like you when she fucks her boyfriend. "lol, oh, and by the way, he's like 9 inches... and reeeeeallly thick, lol!". she demonstrates how he fucks her with his huge cock cowgirl style... "i ride up and down on his dick, and you, you fucking lick my asshole!" she puts you right in the action - you'll feel like your little tongue is right there, working overtime as her boyfriend pounds her incessantly. as she works you into a sissy-daze, she suddenly starts barking orders "lick my feet you fucking cuckold!". she's like a bitchy little drill sergeant, as she commands you to keep switching tasks at her whim "now back to my ass!" she instructs you on your tasks in various positions, including when she's sucking on his cock on all fours. listen to her moan as she cums for a real man. "this pussy was made for big cock!" screams marie mccray as you lick her asshole and she bounces up and down like she does when her boyfriend fucks her. it seems he likes to make her say that when she cums. i guess he's into training too... in fact, marie seems like the kind of girl that once would have been nice to guys like you. taken pity on them, laughed at their lame jokes to make them feel less pathetic... but after getting balled and fucked properly by strong jocks and assholes who really know how to make women cum, she's been corrupted and .. now she's just a cockteasing bitch, who laughs and abuses insignificant weak losers and takes their cash (while they lick her ass, of course...). she's learned that pigs like you have one use - and that's with your nose buried deep in her soft ass cheeks, while she cums on her boyfriend's hot cock. a loser like you is no longer a man to marie - not even human. just a pathetic, dumb animal she can train and rule over, and eventually destroy for her own benefit and amusement. learn your place in the bedroom, wankerboy, and start stroking for the cuckold queen, a spoiled greedy princess who makes wimpstain cumsuckers like you drool over her but never have herso get in line to be trained to lick her ass, shit-for-brains! the princess is waiting!!

Total size: 199.2 MB in 2 files.