Studio: Dominicwolfe

Intense is the best way to describe DWN-09 . Very Intense. Gabriella illustrates this by being in the wrong place at the wrong time ..she surprises a burglar in her house after jogging he chases her through the house and catches her outside .she is dragged kicking and Mmmpphing back into her home only to be tightly bound and gagged with her own sweaty sock a punishment for not telling the burglar where her valuables are kept. She gets her clothes cut off and her moist from struggling panties tied under her nose all the while being manhandled, fondled and groped. Throughout the day she is continuously bound, gagged, groped, fondled, and teased, and then groped and fondled some more as the burglar has his way with her. Jordan Scott follows Gabriella and she is also at the mercy of tight, inescapable bondage and the teasing sensations of nipple clips and a vibrator that just wont stop .next is hot newcomer Alicia Silver who is as tough as they get. Elbows together, mouth fully packed, tightly cinched, Alicia does her best to escape her bonds and its real escape attempt against real bondage to make for a real show. No smoke and mirrors, no diversions, no wimpy positions, no glamour, no fluff from the one place you can count on to give you what you really want dominicwolfe.

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Duration: 2:01:21
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