Release Year: 2014

I removed the door mirrors and put them in the basement along the walls. They were to serve as a constant reminder of my slave position on those rare times when I can see myself from the outside . Another thing that I thought would be useful to me in the prison, and served as an additional humiliation , I helped create a garden hose - I connect it to the car in the yard sprinkler and handed to the garage , conducted through the slots and fasten to the top of the beam wire. At the end of the hose and sprinkler welled I taped most of the holes , so I did not want to get wet - it was assumed that this will be my only source of water . Suppose I wanted to become a real slave in this prison, but I do not have the warden that would bring me a glass of water! I set the timer so that water flowed every hour, but only during the day ( or three minutes). That was more than enough so that I could wash and juice, as well as heavily added dirt and disorder.

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