Release Year: 2016
Video language: English

I woke up sometime Friday morning. Light fell on my face , penetrating between the bars "grid" , which I have represented on fanerku in the window . I wake up , wake up , but not immediately recalled the events of yesterday , so that the position in which I was just stunned me ! What , in your opinion , find themselves helpless slave chain lost hope in the most severe shackles , locked deep in the dungeon ? I looked around and saw myself in the mirror. God! I'm naked ! Chained at the ankles , with the heavy chain does not allow to move and securely attached to the steel beam . Toes are shackled together, chastity belt tightened to the limit, too shackled wrists and pulled to the collar , plus a ring gag , arching jaw. Matted hair and are in complete disarray , saliva dripping fray and on my chest and thighs , while I was asleep ; some tracks have already dried up , others were still fresh. Where I was sweating , spots and stripes were visible adhering dirt, bare feet were black from the constant fidgeting on the floor. I wondered how long I have to sit in this form until the hose will not spill vivifying stream exactly at one o'clock ? How do I wash a little using a trickle from the funnel spray gun sitting on the floor dirty basement ?

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