Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

Poor little Sophie. friend Dee abandons her and she thinks that PD, of all people, will come to her rescue. Well, it does not take her long to realize what a mistake THAT was. If she thought that being tied up and ignored on the floor was painful and humiliating, what he is going to do will be just unbearable. He has got a few interesting ideas on how to clean up such a dirty slut. She will learn soon enough that men do not exist simply to satisfy her needs. They have needs of their own, and this time Sophie will be the one giving all of the satisfaction. She will suck, fuck and cum on command; whatever it takes to make him happy. What PD wants is a clean bitch, and one who will not be dirtying up his studio. What Sophie wants does not really matter.

He has got her on lock down. The devices and positions PD comes up with are more than most bitches can take. A few shackles and a mop make her clean and a couple of dildos are perfect for making Sophie feel dirty again. She is like a pig on a spit with rubber cocks in both ends. He clamps her nipples and makes her dance for him and his whip. She spends some time locked in a cage, getting her cunt vibrated while she whimpers for mercy. Every move PD makes is perfectly calculated to maximize the impact on both her body and her mind. Poor little Sophie. She never stood a chance.

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