Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
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Dia Zerva is a hot piece of ass that PD never gets tired of fucking with. For some reason the slut just doesn't appreciate his attention as much as she should. The stocks he has her in are strong enough to hold her tight no matter how much she struggles. Being restrained teaches her to be a good bitch for him.

He stands her up on a wedge and then wooden spikes to teach her to stand up straight. They are on her feet but it is better than disappointing PD. In exchange for being allowed to remove her feet from the spikes she begs for the honor of being PD's slut. Being allowed to even touch his cock means a lot to her and she shows her gratitude by taking a beating from his cane. The same thing happens when he fucks Dia's face. First she takes his cock, then she takes his cane, doing everything she can to please him.

Dia's tits are too nice to go unadorned. PD has a pair of very intense, weighted clamps that would look perfect on them. He attaches them to her nipples and she instantly starts screaming. she begs him to let her please him. She doesn't care which one of her holes he wants to fuck or hurt, as long as it makes his dick hard. He canes her feet and legs, then flicks at her pussy before he decides to fill her up with an inflatable cock. It goes in her cunt first but since she can't hold it there she has to suck on it while he vibrates her clit. If she was better at flexing her snatch she could come with it in her but this slut's twat needs more training. PD does give it a work out with his own dick, though.

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Duration: 36:56
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