Release Year: 2014

Now I was ready, as it was about six in the evening . I visited the toilet and went to my chains and prison . At first I just stood in the middle of the room , looking around . My heart fluttered . I took off all my clothes , was barefoot , with bare ass - in a way I was going to spend the next three days. The room was empty except for two bowls . I am ready to become a medieval slave Buried deep within the dungeon . I checked the keys in a lock , and hung a bunch on hand of the clock . The timer has been set up and running , the sprinkler was also on hand . The " X" was fast approaching . I knelt down . Born with a marker (very persistent !) I made the inscription «SLAVE» on each foot : one inscription on the thighs, plus another phalanx of each toe. Then I also wrote «SLAVE» across each breast and buttocks . It was to remind me of my status throughout the term of imprisonment , when I see her legs or look at yourself in the mirror.

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