Release Year: 2014

Now cubby acquired the desired shape. I had got a piece of the heavy chain of the garage , which was to serve me a leash . I attach it to the bottom of the steel beam support , imbedded in the concrete floor below ( and now hidden layer of mud ) , and ran up to the roof beams, far above me . There, in the floor, there was a hole . I found a valve through which missed and chain , extending it in the garage because they do not want to , she traveled up and down ( I pressed the latch bolts ) . Chain length was five feet , and I am very even arranged. I began to prepare his dungeon on Monday and Wednesday evening, she was almost ready . I decided to start my conclusion as a slave on Thursday night , because my girlfriend was leaving that morning and wanted to go back on Monday at noon . (She was a flight attendant , so I knew she would be in flight, but her homecoming was far from superfluous guarantee that my weekend in prison does not drag on for a longer period ) . Although deep down I'm not sure that I want Adonayka found me in a similar position . We indulged in bondage on the internet, and even discussed the idea of ??subordination soft since moving into this house a year ago , but the game is not never went beyond imagination.

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