Studio: Jayedwards

Exotic blonde Alex is tied atop a tall stool with a bit-ballgag in her mouth and squasher clamps on her nipples. Her frantic wriggling suggests that she is not too happy with her predicament. Jay adds another rope, hangs lead weights from her nip-clips and leashes her ballgag to the ceiling! An asymmetrical fold-tie on the floor shows off Alexs lovely nude charms...and we are a wee bit surprised when Jay enters and presses the sole of his shoe on her tightly-tied breast! Maybe some wicked little pinchers will look nice on those swollen nipples? Redheaded Roxetta is a fetching new addition to the Edwards stable. All-natural in the bust department, she wears sheer black lingerie for a tie on the wooden slave chair. Jay adds chest and crotch ropes on camera before freeing her soft breasts from their mesh prison and clamping her nipples flat. Next tied on the tall stool, she screeches in pain as Jay cinches her elbow ropes just a bit too tightly. Adding a bikini-style rope harness and big, red clips on her nipples doesnt do much to relieve Roxettas suffering and she looks genuinely concerned when Jay replaces her ballgag with a huge wad of cloth and wraps her entire lower face in black medwrap. Blonde Sydney starts out tied on the girlie-go-round with her left arm and left leg suspended in the air above her. A leather panel-gag muffles her distressed squeals but nothing can cover up the anguish of having her crotchrope leashed to the ceiling. She whimpers as Jay tightly binds her plump tits in her next scene - this ultra-tight breast bondage hurts and her skin swells from the pressure of the ropes. Locking her ballgag to a post in front of her face does absolutely nothing to alleviate her torment. Newcomer Lexxi is next. Her full, round tits flop up and down as Jay s her to hop on her bound ankles. A few tight coils of rope around the base of each tit will hold em in place. She is then perched atop the tall stool as Jay torments her ta-tas before again wrapping them snugly in rope and clipping mean little pinchers on her nips. Kneeling for her third scene, shes roped back against a T-bar for some breast-bondage and clothespins on her swelling nipples. A tightly packed medwrap gag is applied on camera!

Format: real
Duration: 1:29:38
Video: 320x240, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 291.7 MB