Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

Tattoos on the backs of her fingers read DOLL FACE. So what's this girl with the doll face doing here, standing at the lip of The Inferno?

She wears the Fiddle and the double ankle shackle, metal ball gag. Painful unrelenting metal. Drool drips from her mouth as PD fingers her pussy and cunt. The hoist pulls the Fiddle upward. A vibrating bullet presses into her pussy. PD pokes her breasts with a skewer.

(You can poke and prod a doll with a skewer. A doll doesn't feel.)

The Fiddle is attached to a short metal arm jutting out from a metal pole. At first she's on her knees and fucked and caned. But soon she's on her feet and PD's driving her around and around in circles.

(If you humiliate a doll, will the doll turn her face away? If you play with a doll's pussy, will she come?)

With institutional restraints on her wrists and ankles, Mya's affixed to one of PD's devices. She sits with legs up and spread. Clamps on her lovely nipples pull them upward. She's pussywhipped. Straps on her inner thighs make her pussy outward. It looks huge. He fucks her with three fingers. Then with an dildo inflated in her cunt and a finger in her ass. The vibrator hums in that large pussy. Drool spills out her mouth. She comes once, twice, three times very fast, shooting the inflated dildo out her ass.

Distant afterward, her face is devoid of expression. So maybe that's why she's here. Perhaps the doll wants her Doll Face shattered.

To be or not to be. . . Conscience does make cowards of us all. . . William Shakespeare

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Duration: 36:41
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