Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

Mei is put to the test, confronted with torments she's not faced in prior shoots and devices not seen since the long ago days of Insex.

Restrained and gagged in a small water tank where, many years ago, leeches swam in the water, mei's body heat fogs the glass. PD bolts the door closed. Then he opens the top hole and sprays Mei. As the tank slowly fills, mei strains her neck against the chain that holds her down. Water creeps above her chin. Panic fills her eyes. After PD has drained out the water, Mei sits and shivers. Waiting.

Cable-tied to the gyn table, Mei's blindfolded and pussy-whipped until her cunt begins to weep. PD tapes a small vibrator onto her clit. His gloved, lubed finger pushes into her ass. An inflatable assplug slides in and expands so that Mei cannot expel it. PD closes off her nostrils and connects the tube of the assplug to the tube of her gag. He ramps up the vibrator. Mei comes, breathing out the ass.

The ends of a pair of jumper cables appear in PD's hands. PD fits Mei's mouth with a dental gag and attaches one electrode. He slips a long metal dilator into her vagina. Now he has his second contact point. Drenching her pussy and cunt with water, he shocks her poor cunt. Then PD holds the metal ball wand that was used so many years ago on YX and before that with Katrina. He runs it along Mei's clit and nipples. Just for the record, it feels like the slice of a knife. And there's nothing at all to smother Mei's screams.

Mei's rewards are the fucking machine, the goat milker, and a vibrator. You know Mei's had one hell of an orgasm when it's a fucking machine-stopper.

Format: real
Duration: 36:55
Video: 852x480, RV40
Audio: 94kbps

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