Studio: Anton Productions

Three hot girls are victims of white slavers. Each girl is twice, including while tied! Beautiful Katie was one of the first models we shot on the west coast. Although the scene is not greatâ€awkward direction, loose bondage--she is still very appealing. Katie comes for an audition, looking lovely in a shiny blue spandex dress. But, the interviewer knocks her out with . It is a very short, not very realistic chloro scene. When Katie awakens, she is bound with rope and gagged with a cloth pulled between her teeth. She struggles and whimpers as she is told of her future life as a slave. She is again and wakes up bound in just her cute white bra and panties, gagged with white tape. She struggles some more but it is hopeless. In one of her earliest scenes, gorgeous Nina, in a short, shiny skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels, is a private detective. When she confronts a criminal, he her. The chloro scene is short and not very realistic. Nina awakens bound with a cloth tied between her teeth. She struggles on the couch, kicking her shoes off in the process. She tries to hop away but is grabbed and again. She finds herself bound and tape-gagged in a super-hot spandex top and shorts. The criminal allows her to struggle for a while before pulling up her top, exposing her tits and leaving her there. Kelly caused quite a sensation when she first appeared in this scene. Her cute girl-next-door looks and powerful acting attracted a lot of attention. Unfortunately, she only appeared in a few scenes. Kelly comes home in a short dress with pantyhose and heels. She is immediately . It is a short, not very realistic chloro scene. When she awakens, she is terrified to find herself bound with rope and gagged with shiny tape. She struggles hard and whimpers into her gag. The villain enters, feels her up a little, removes her gag and her again. This time, she awakens fully nude, bound to a chair with her legs apart. She pleads not to be gagged but the guy pulls a cloth between her teeth and leaves her struggling and whimpering. Next, Kelly is bound in a wooden box with a wad of cloth in her mouth held in place with another strip of cloth. She pleads in terror as she is closed inside the box and left there.

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Duration: 41:28
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