Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

She says she likes riding that line, the one between panic and euphoria. It reminds me of a tryptych of Bosch. On one side, Paradise. On the other side, Hell. It is the center panel that fascinates. And that is where we find felonie.

He's strapped her elbows behind her back until they nearly touch. Another strap covers her nipples. Toes tied together. Ass plug. Dildo. A set of stocks screwed onto her neck. She comes hard and fast, not bothering to ask permission. Now she has to be punished. We have to ask did she forget on purpose? Because the look in her eyes tells us that she's fallen to one side of the line. Euphoria.

Bosch would have appreciated this side of PD. He contorts and twists the faces of pretty girls. PD slips wire hooks on either side of felonie's mouth and then inserts a nose hook. Now she looks like a living skull.

Felonie takes a whipping on her feet and ass, at first screaming, but learning to be silent and thank PD for each strike. When she's bound to a fuckbench with her ass jutted into the air, she fucks herself on Mr. Pogo. And for some reason, she keeps coming without asking permission. Her punishments mount. She takes a double spanking. Her pussy is huge and gleaming. Like knives gleam in the center panel of Bosch's tryptych. Like trumpets gleam in the hands of angels. Naked bodies impaled gleam.

Fires glow.

Panic. Euphoria.

Where is the line now?

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